Pitch Perfect Communications

Pitch Perfect Communications is centered around empowering professionals to master the delivery of their communication internally and externally and raise their bottom line. Founders, Julia Sewell and Michelle Kistler, watched too many professionals miss opportunities and leave money on the table because they struggled with their pitch, communication, and confidence.

Through individual and group coaching opportunities, Pitch Perfect Communications provides powerful and thoughtful training, development, and coaching designed to help professionals deliver information professionally, on point with their organizational language, and inspire confidence.

Pitch Perfect is dedicated to relieving the pressure on Managers who balance spending time listening to and providing feedback for sales and customer service professionals during language role play with the demands of their own schedule, goals, and organizational responsibilities.

Using proven sales techniques and classic communications knowledge, Pitch Perfect Communications is dedicated to empowering your teams in the field and freeing up time on your calendar, all with the end goal of increasing retention on your teams and quickly increasing revenue into your business.

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