Michelle Zellner

Better Minds, Better Bodies, Better Beings

With over 23 years as a trainer, coach, and facilitator, Michelle’s educational background, as well as her personal and professional experiences, have enabled her to deliver on a wide variety of topics, including: exercise, nutrition, weight loss, stress management, sleep, preventing and managing chronic disease, work-life balance—and many more. 

When her passion for motivating and inspiring people to take charge of their health, collides with the opportunity to deliver in a group setting, the result is a positive transfer of knowledge and energy.  She recently released her book the YOU Revolution: the Journey of a Better Being.

Michelle has a Master of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado-Boulder, as well as a bachelor’s degree from The University of Hawaii, with a major in Psychology. 

She continues to learn in all areas of fitness, nutrition, mind/body practices and overall well-being and seeks to inform, influence, and inspire all who wish to become healthier humans, aka Better Beings.

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