Meghann Conter

Magnetic. Intuitive. Laughter-inducing. Meghann Conter is a marketing expert and a walking, talking challenge to long-held assumptions about what it takes to build a business.

Her specialty is helping female industry leaders make their services indispensable in the eyes of their ideal clients and leap over revenue hurdles with her expert guidance.

A UC Boulder alumna and Colorado native, Meghann disproves the assumption that marketing has to be expensive (or stressful) with strategies that make life easier. Period. Feelings of “alone at the top” and “I have no idea if we can achieve our mission” don’t stand a chance in her presence.

In addition to 16 years of experience helping brands get the attention they deserve, Meghann is the founder and CEO of The Dames—a company that celebrates women leading six and seven-figure businesses at laughter-filled events and in an online international community—and she’s a master of connection. As she puts it “Business is nothing without effective, intentional connection and fearless collaboration.”

Whether Meghann’s discussing strategies to catapult a brand to new heights, or simply where to find the best operations leader for your company, she shows up armed with happiness-generating inspiration and money-making gumption. Get ready for a whole new way of looking at marketing (and business), because to Meghann, your company’s potential is limitless.

Listen to Meghann’s interview with Tahverlee on the Grit & Grace Podcast.

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