Kimberly Truitt

Kimberly is a global thought leader who guides hustling six-figure entrepreneurs who are on the verge of burn out to:

  • Reclaim her freedom and joy
  • Embody her Soul’s unique purpose
  • Activated her sacred codes to create a life and business that she loves with ease

A Rebel and Revolutionary, she is not here to play by the rules. Kimberly has been guiding visionaries, like you, to reconnect with your Soul and live in joy since 2007 so that you can become the most successful, influential, and positively impactful version of you.

Kimberly is a contributor to an International Best-Selling Book, the co-creator of The House of Iris Radio Program: A Blend of Health, Spirituality, and Conscious Living. She co-inspired the movie Beyond the Secret (a follow up to the blockbuster film The Secret). She was A Belief Team Member of Oprah’s epic series BELIEF, as well as several signature programs for the Divine Feminine Thought Leader.

While many are out there hustling and strategizing their way into exhaustion, Kimberly is here to light the way to work and live en-joy and ease that deeply aligns you with your truth and all you desire now. If you know you’re meant for more than the success you have already created, and you are ready to reclaim your freedom— then this is your invitation.

It’s time to start living the life you’ve only dared to imagine in the quiet place of your Soul… until NOW!

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