Kalia Garrido

Kalia Garrido is the founder of the Denver-based group Healthy Women Leaders, a collective of women in leadership who choose to unapologetically focus on their health, develop their personal power, and generally kick ass.

Kalia is a self-professed health geek and loves lifting weights, running, hiking, and skiing all over Colorado. Her health-focused pursuits also go beyond just the physical realm – she is a regular meditator and strives to bring mindfulness into her everyday life. And as the owner of multiple businesses and a married mother of two, this is her not-so-secret secret to thriving in daily life. 

In addition to running Healthy Women Leaders, Kalia is also the Managing Partner of Ready Hatch, a growth consultancy startup that specializes in sales, marketing, and partner programs for large-scale technical firms. She is a high-energy digital strategist with more than a decade of experience building and perfecting digital solutions.

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