Heather Dawn

Heather Dawn is a lover of PASSION and ALL THINGS OF DIVINE BEAUTY.  

Also known to her friends as Mishi, she the owner of Coco Coquette Denver, the 2nd location to the Austin, Texas-based “Faux Hair and Sparkle Palace, ” Coco Coquette.  She is a mother, a high priestess, tattoo enthusiast, music lover, healer, moon fanatic, non-conformist, and sacred rebel who loves to celebrate the feminine form.

Coco Coquette:

By day, we’re a vintage inspired boutique for all that’s sparkled/ feathered/ teased and outrageous; by night, we host private wig parties where guests can relish in our favorite part of going out: getting glamorous!

But Coco Coquette is more than just fake hair, sparkly makeup and over-the-top accessories; it’s an opulent parlor that invites guests to step outside of their “comfort zone” and try on a different version of themselves in an environment that celebrates self- expression, in whatever form that might take. Wigs can be different things to different people, and the right wig can tease out a side of ourselves that has maybe been lying dormant, waiting for the right moment to show itself.

In addition to our famed wig parties, we also play host to different workshops and events that are inclusive and supportive of the community we serve. It is our mission to provide a safe and beautiful space where all are welcome to explore the different facets of themselves; for some that might be altering their ego, for others, it’s about connecting with their authentic selves.

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