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Dev Darshan Haeg

Dev Darshan “DD” Haeg is a pleasure expert, author, retreat leader, coach, and mompreneur. She developed the Pleasure Code™, a retreat program for moms who feel overwhelmed and tired of trying to do it all, but want more juiciness and joy in life.

She has taken over 800 hours of pleasure courses and trainings, helped more than 250 clients realign to their soul, and taught Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for nearly a decade.

Dev Darshan believes everyone can live a soulful, sensual, sovereign life and is committed to bringing more joy and happiness to the planet—one mama at a time!

She currently lives in Denver with her two kiddos ages 11 and 8. She especially loves jumping for joy on a trampolines with them, dancing and shaking her booty, and doing Orange Theory workouts.

Listen to Dev Darshan’s interview with Tahverlee on the Grit & Grace podcast.

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