Dawn Moses

Everything is energy, both physically and emotionally.  At New Dawn Awakening, Dawn works through the energy in your body and aura to determine where there are blockages. This sacred practice is powerful, intuitive, and will open you up to new levels of healing.

I grew up in an environment riddled with physical, emotional and sexual abuse and in turn escaped my pain through drug abuse. Because of my own personal experience with trauma and addiction I am well versed with how human beings experience trauma and severe life stressors. Because of my own resilience I have been a source of strength for my clients. As I sought my own healing through counseling I discovered what was possible on the other side of a traumatic upbringing. Through my own pain and healing I discovered a gift of helping others discover the same.

I am a champion for the Human Potential Movement. The belief that thru the development of “human potential”, humans can experience an exceptional quality of life filled with happiness, creativity and fulfillment. I am committed and passionate to guiding clients in reaching their maximum potential. I am able to assist clients in clearly seeing and accepting the true essence of who they are.

I am a committee member of the Denver chapter of Women of Global Change Network. The Women of Global Change is a service based group that has been honored by the White House 4 years in a row for their humanitarian efforts.

I am also very committed to my own personal development and I am a graduate of Personal Success Institute Basic Seminar in self-discovery and awareness, 7- Day Life success course that focuses on actions and results, graduate of the Women’s Leadership Seminar, member and coach of the Pacesetter Leadership Dynamics an ongoing process of discovery and breakthrough. As well as a student of Bob Proctors Thinking into Results.

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